Degassing system on the MSW landfill ”Kuchino“

ECOCOM is currently working on a degassing system on the MSW landfill ”Kuchino“. 

Even after the official closing of the MSW landfill ”Kuchino“ by an order of the President Wladimir Putin in June 2017, inhabitants of the surrounding area still can not breath fresh air. This is as a result of the emission of the landfill gas by microorganisms within the landfill.

Therefore, the government has decided to install an emergency gas system and ECOCOM immediately started with the drilling of 55 gas wells.

Currently ECOCOM is actively working on the pipe layout and installation for the gas collection. Our workers are working day and night on the landfill in order to finish the works as soon as possible and make the situation better for people living nearby.

Already by the 6th of December 2017, a booster station and a high temperature flare will be installed and the landfill gas will be treated accordingly. By the end of the year, the installation of the degassing system will be fully completed.