Design and Construction of modern and environmentally safe MSW landfill sites


Modern landfill sites for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) provide:

  • safe waste disposal
  • minimization of harmful emissions and wastewater 
  • economically efficient waste treatment
  • assessment and selection of appropriate waste disposal sites
  • innovative use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • further remediation and restoration of landfills

ECOCOM provides professional design and engineering of MSW landfill sites which meet all required regulations and standards of modern technology. Moreover, requirements of environmental protection projects and internationally accepted standards are fulfilled.

The design and engineering of MSW landfill sites is carried out in stages meeting required approvals and examinations:

  • 1st stage: choosing the land plot
  • 2nd stage: project development 
  • 3rd stage: development of engineering documentation 


The construction of modern and environmentally safe MSW landfills includes the following: