24 April 2020

We express our gratitude to ”ECOCOM LLC“ for the services rendered under the tender dated 04/15/2019.

Balashikha administration

11 February 2020

The contractors completed the work on application 3500110667219000097 ”Removal and disposal of leachate from the Kuchino MSW landfill“ at no extra cost. Everything was done right. We were glad to work with you.


2 February 2020

Pros: one of the few companies that actually recycles the leachate and does not drain it to the left; professionals in their field, give competent advice on technological schemes for landfill reclamation, help to choose the best equipment … Cons: deadlines, there are periodic extensions (mainly due to the contractors used) ….

Serpukhov Urban District Administration

2 September 2019

Agreement ”Provision of services for the development of design documentation for the reclamation of the Syanovo MSW landfill, Serpukhov District, Moscow Region.“ was completed without incident. Thanks a lot. Good luck and development to you…