Project financing


ECOCOM provides financial services for the project design, construction and operation of the following technologies and objects:

  • environmentally safe landfill sites;
  • wastewater treatment plants: landfill leachate and industrial wastewater treatment;
  • energy generation from Renewable Energy Source such as biogas, landfill gas and coalmine methane;
  • waste transfer and waste sorting plants;
  • waste processing plants and complexes.


The offered financial services include:

  • locating private investors,
  • locating long-term financing (project financing),
  • elaborating a financial plan of the investment project.


Financial services are provided under the following terms and conditions:

  • Project financing is available for all those, who pursue the objectives of a project based on an innovative and promising concept. The initiator of the project lacks its own funds and assets to provide security for the bank to carry out his project. He has to rely and count on financial support of investors.
  • ECOCOM provides both foreign and Russian private investors and investment companies. In most cases, ECOCOM works with investors directly.
  • Before the project is launched and first funds get appropriated, the project undergoes a comprehensive economic analysis and legal review in order to minimize potential risks.