Power generation equipment

ECOCOM’s cogeneration plants (CHP plants) are designed to generate electricity and heat.

The main components of a CHP plant are the gas engine, the power generator and a control system, which automatically controls all main parameters such as fuel and air injection, temperature and exhaust gases. Moreover, the control system protects all working parts from improper operation.

ECOCOM’s CHP plants are assembled as mobile plug & play ready to use units.

The synchronous three-stage power generator is the source of electrical energy.

The electrical efficiency of our CHP plants ranges from 38 to 42%.

Thermal energy is generated by heat exchangers from cooling water and exhaust gases. The thermal efficiency of CHP plants ranges from 40 to 46%.

The overall CHP plant’s efficiency is up to 87%.

CHP plants can be installed in two ways:

1. Stationary (inside buildings)

2. Containerized, mobile solution

CHP plants' containers are made of stainless steel and are soundproof and all-weather resistant. Doors on each end of the containers are designated for easy plant control and maintenance.

The following units are part of a CHP and are built into a sound and weather proof 40“ stainless steel container:

  • energy unit (gas engine and power generator),
  • heat exchanger (cooling water and/ or exhaust gases),
  • lubrication systems, auxiliary power supply, automation and synchronization, air intake and outtake with noise suppression, oil tank, a switchgear and a power control panel installed in separate compartment of the container.
  • Average calorific value of landfill gas: 5 kWh/m3:
  • Generation of electric energy: 2,04 kWh/m3 
  • Generation of heat: 1,96 kWh/m3