Design and construction of landfill leachate collection and treatment systems

MSW landfill leachate poses a potential pollution threat to local ground and surface waters and thus has a highly negative impact on the health of residents living in the surrounding area. In order to prevent contamination of groundwater at and next to the landfill terrain, leachate has to be collected and transported from the landfill body to a local wastewater treatment plant.

ECOCOM provides professional design of leachate collection systems, which meet all current environmental requirements.

A combined leachate collection system located at a MSW landfill site includes:

  • network of a drainage system installed at the base of the landfill which collects and transports leachate
  • network of leachate collection pipes, leachate collection sump, leachate pond

Leachate flows through gravity-flow pipelines into the collection sump and after that into the leachate storage pond. Leachate is now ready for treatment and therefore extracted from the storage pond.

After the leachate treatment took place, the remaining 'concentrate' is taken back to the landfill body, in order to provide the necessary humidity which optimizes the process of decomposition and mineralization of waste. As a result, solidification and stabilization of the landfill body is achieved.