Landfill gas treatment plants

High temperature flare stack

High temperature flare stacks are used for the incineration of landfill gas, biogas, coal mine methane and other types of industrial gas. High temperature flare stacks distinguish themselves by exceptionally efficient gas decontamination.Thanks to a proper gas retention time and evenly distributed gas temperature, an ecologically beneficial process of combustion can be achieved.

Specifications and advantages:

  • high combustion efficiency: >99,9%,
  • constant temperature control,
  • exhaust temperature: >1000 ˚С (maximum temperature 1200 ˚С),
  • retention time: >0,3 seconds,
  • heat insulation of combustion chamber, no ”chilly“ zones,
  • automatically controlled air supply into combustion chamber.

All toxic and cancer-causing components of landfill gas are eliminated thanks to the treatment through the high temperature flare stack HTN


This table shows industrial specifications of flare stacks.