Report on Channel One: How to make money out of waste

Report on the First Channel on the topic: HOW TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF WASTE- Proper waste management.

The report discussed the main problems involved in waste management. The MSW landfill ”Timokhovo“ (Noginski district, Moscow region) was shown as an example of one of the most modern and environmentally safe landfills in Moscow. This landfill is not only a place for waste dumping, but a place for proper and environmentally safe waste treatment.

ECOCOM installed on the MSW landfill “Timokhovo” state-of-the- art plants for landfill gas collection and treatment to reduce the negative impact of the dangerous gas to the environment and human beings. In the near future, a CHP plant for generating heat and electricity will be installed as well.

The efficient landfill leachate treatment was also shown in the reportage. The leachate is treated in modern Reverse Osmosis plants, which allow purifying the water up to 99,9%. Due to the efficient and state-of the art technology, provided by ECOCOM, the MSW landfill ”Timochovo“ is now not only a place for waste dumping, but a high standard technological facility for proper waste management.